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Building Inspections
Otwell Mawby can provide certified inspectors to complete inspections for asbestos containing building materials. The inspection can be completed prior to building renovations or demolition as required by the EPA or to satisfy the OSHA requirements.

Project Design
Otwell Mawby can provide a state certified asbestos project designer to complete removal specifications prior to renovations or demolition. The specifications will include the bid documents, insurance requirements and technical requirements for asbestos removal.

Otwell Mawby can also conduct a contractor pre-bid meeting, assist with the contract award and provide project oversight.

Project Management and Air Sampling
During asbestos removal, Otwell Mawby can provide oversight to assure the contractor is complying with the applicable regulations and contract specifications. Otwell Mawby can provide air sampling services before, during and after abatement as required by OSHA or the EPA.

Otwell Mawby can provide asbestos, 1-day training for miscellaneous materials removal and 16-hour operations and maintenance.