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Brownfield Redevelopment – Opportunities and Services

Brownfield redevelopment incentives have done more to stimulate revitalization in Michigan cities and communities than any other economic development tool available. While significant redevelopment has taken place in some areas, there are still many opportunities to take advantage of state and federal incentives and bring underutilized sites back to productive use. 

The keys to brownfield redevelopment are effectively addressing environmental concerns, managing the process of ensuring liability protection, and accessing brownfield redevelopment incentives to make the project economically viable.  Otwell Mawby has the experience, capability, and persistence to address any environmental concerns and assemble the incentives to make brownfield redevelopment a reality.
OMPC environmental and brownfield redevelopment services include:

  • Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Consulting Services:  Establishing BRA’s under the guidelines of Act 381, developing operational criteria and process to identify, develop, evaluate, and manage brownfield redevelopment project, and accessing state and federal grants for community-wide site assessments.
  • Brownfield Plan and Work Plan Development:  Preparing and marshalling approval of brownfield plans at the local level and Act 381 work plans with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and Michigan Economic Growth Authority to make projects eligible for brownfield incentives, including tax credits and tax increment financing.
  • Brownfield SBT Credit Application Preparation:  Preparing and assisting in approval of Brownfield Single Business Tax Credit Applications to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to provide a 10% SBT credit on most of the brownfield project investment.
  • Property Transaction Services:  Conducting Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments and preparing Baseline Environmental Assessments to provide protection from environmental liability.  Developing Due Care Plans to limit exposure to contaminants.
  • Environmental Management:  Evaluating and remediating contamination for current business owners.  Managing, permitting and regulatory compliance for environmental resources.
  • Geotechnical/Soils Engineering Services:  Determining geotechnical capacity and providing soils engineering services for development projects.
  • Grant Procurement and Administration:  Identifying, procuring, and managing grants for brownfield, community development, and recreational resources for communities and developers.