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Client:   Traverse Development Group

Services:  Brownfield Redevelopment Services – Brownfield Plan, Act 381 Work Plan, SBT Credit, Environmental Due Diligence and Due Care, Demolition Management.

A 14-acre foundry on prime industrial property, adjacent to the regional airport had not productively functioned for over a decade.  The foundry was functionally obsolete; extensive abandoned wastes had been left on site as well as environmental impact to the soils and groundwater.

Otwell Mawby facilitated the demolition of the large foundry building, conducted extensive environmental assessments (Phase I, Phase II Investigations, BEA/Due Care Analysis), characterized and disposed of hazardous and industrial wastes, and implemented mitigation measures to allow the safe reuse of the site.

The site has now been re-platted into 10 smaller, more marketable industrial lots, and new infrastructure to service the redevelopment has been installed including sanitary sewer, water, natural gas, telecommunications, and power.

Otwell Mawby assisted in positioning Brownfield Redevelopment incentives including tax credits and tax increment financing reimbursement for over $657,000 of eligible activities.

Ken Berg, Traverse Development Group

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