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frankfort epa brownfield project

elberta waterfront redevelopment

Client:   City of Frankfort

Services:  EPA Brownfield Grant Implementation – Grant Administration, Phase I & Phase II ESAs, Grant Procurement and Management


elberta waterfront redevelopment



elberta waterfront redevelopment




Otwell Mawby was selected by the City of Frankfort to implement their USEPA Assessment Grant to assess eight potential brownfield sites. The Phase I/Phase II Assessments of those eight properties resulted in five brownfield sites and a clean bill of environmental health for three of the sites. In addition, the Phase I Assessment process revealed the potential for environmental impact to have occurred on several other properties in the City based on historic use and past practices. The work plan for this assessment grant was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

Otwell Mawby assisted in securing a USEPA Supplemental Assessment Grant in the amount of $150,000 to assess some of the newly identified properties and to complete a more detailed assessment of two original brownfield properties.

Beyond the USEPA Supplemental Assessment Grant, Otwell Mawby assisted the City of Frankfort in securing a $480,000 Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) Streetscape Grant to bring streetscape and infrastructure amenities into one of their principal brownfield corridors; a $1,300,000 United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development low interest loan for a new City Hall and Police/Fire Hall and a $20,000 Coastal Management grant to complete enhancement planning activities on four of their waterfront parks.  An $80,000 Great Lakes Fisheries Trust Grant provided a new fishing pier from the Open Space Park into Betsie Lake and a $100,000 Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Grant will help refurbish the parking and visitors area at their Lake Michigan beach park.

Otwell Mawby staff assisted the City of Frankfort in designing and delivering the Community Outreach program that resulted in a positive image of the brownfield process.   The Outreach Program used a three prong approach:  provide the public with information on the project through newspaper articles and community forums; direct meetings with property owners, developers, civic groups, clubs and organizations; and develop a unique linkage with the Frankfort- Elberta High School to engage students in community development. A high school student is selected annually to participate on the local brownfield authority. A geophysical demonstration was given to science classes by a visiting EPA team (USEPA Geophysical Team provided survey services as a leveraging tool for the assessment grant). Laboratory Mass Chromatography equipment has been donated to the High School Chemistry Department and Environmental Chemistry will soon be part of the curriculum.

Josh Mills, City of Frankfort Superintendent, 231.357.7117 citysoop@hotmail.com

Mike Gifford, USEPA Project Manager
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