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elberta waterfront redevelopment
Former Koch Facility
elberta waterfront redevelopment
Former Mitchell Building

Client:   Village of Elberta, Elberta Land Holding Company, LLC

Services:  Brownfield Plan, Act 381 Work Plan, MDEQ Brownfield Grant/Loan, Acquisition Due Diligence, Due Care, Asbestos Abatement & Demolition Management

elberta waterfront redevelopment

elberta waterfront redevelopment

elberta waterfront redevelopment

Otwell Mawby serves as the environmental consultant on a major redevelopment of the Elberta Waterfront.  Working with the Village of Elberta and a private developer, the Elberta Land Holding Company, Otwell Mawby prepared and facilitated the approval of a brownfield plan, Act 381 work plan, and MDEQ Brownfield Grant and Loan and positioned over $1.3 million in incentives to stimulate investment on a former railyard and industrial facility.

Otwell Mawby completed the due diligence for multiple parcels in the area,  conducted asbestos surveys, developed specifications for asbestos abatement and demolition, facilitated the selection of contractors and provided construction management services, all in compliance with Act 381 and MDEQ grant guidelines and working closely with the Village, MDEQ, the private developer, and contractors to prepare the site for redevelopment.

The result will be a major $50 million mixed use, walkable community that will be a tremendous asset to the area.

Doug Holmes, Village President 

Scott Gest, ELHC 
231.352.9800 elhc@charter.net

Susan Sandell, MDEQ

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