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Astute land developers know the importance of proper planning. Wastewater management is a major concern when a commercial and/or residential project is proposed. The developer wants to do the job right and the neighbors to the proposed development are quick to voice concerns over how the area water resources may be impacted.

Otwell Mawby can conduct Wastewater Discharge Studies prior to development enabling the client to know the necessary steps to sound wastewater management. Services offered as part of a Wastewater Discharge Study would include:

  • Communication with state permitting agencies and local health department officials to discuss concerns and requirements.
  • Review of the general hydrology of the region as presented in maps, aerial photographs, well logs and previous studies.
  • Conduct a field investigation that would include:
  • Drilling of test borings and installing monitor wells.
  • Collecting and analyzing soil samples for gradation and permeability characteristics.
  • Collecting water samples and analyzing for background water quality.
  • Measuring static water levels and determining groundwater flow direction.
  • Conducting slug and/or pump tests to help determine hydraulic conductivity and groundwater flow velocity.
  • Determine hydrogeological impacts including treatment requirements and calculation of groundwater mounding.
  • Procurement of groundwater discharge permit for the wastewater disposal.