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Otwell Mawby, P.C. is a consulting engineering company with offices located in downtown Traverse City. The staff at Otwell Mawby, P.C. has been providing environmental and geotechnical consulting/engineering services in northern Michigan since 1985, meeting client's needs to comply with ever-changing environmental regulations and opportunities to redevelop contaminated sites. The company has expertise in all phases of environmental assessment, soil and groundwater remediation, geotechnical services, permitting and grant procurement. Our goal is to provide clients with the best in technical services at the highest value.

Otwell Mawby has been a leader in brownfield redevelopment in northwest Michigan since the brownfield redevelopment laws were passed by the State Legislature in 1996.  The Staff at OMPC conducted assessment work on one of the first brownfield projects in the State, established and advised one of the first and most successful brownfield redevelopment authorities in the State, and provided environmental and brownfield redevelopment services to private developers and brownfield authorities throughout northern Michigan. 

Experience and expertise is the foundation of excellent service. Otwell Mawby staff has over 45 years of experience with environmental, geotechnical and ecological water resource projects and has extensive training in all areas of environmental and geotechnical engineering services. Environmental solutions are not often straightforward and require professional judgment. Otwell Mawby, P.C., staff have experience and expertise to manage delicate environmental issues and evaluate the solutions clients need to make informed decisions.

Otwell Mawby has worked with a wide range of clients from individual homeowners to large private corporations and public institutions, with projects ranging from residential water well protection to multi-million dollar remediation. We are especially proud of our reputation for providing professional services at a fair cost and long term relationships with our clients Experience, thoroughness, and understanding of environmental issues and client's needs are reasons why municipalities, oil companies, banks, attorneys, manufacturers, developers and realtors rely on Otwell Mawby, P.C.



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OTWELL MAWBY, P.C. 309 East Front Street, Traverse City, MI 49684 PH: 231.946.5200 FAX: 231.946.5216 EMAIL: admin@otwellmawby.com
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